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Care Guide



Philodendron Birkin plant

LIGHT It grows easily in bright environments.

IRRIGATION Irrigation can be done as the soil begins to dry. You can find the watering time by checking the soil frequently. Irrigation water should be at room temperature, they are plants with high humidity demand. It is a very drought tolerant species.

It is toxic to our pawed friends.

With BOY Flowerpot It is 40cm.


The Philodendron family consists mostly of ivy-shaped plants. The species of this family, which are easy to care for, are among the fast growing plants. In Greek, Phileo means 'love' and dendron means 'tree'. In short, this plant family, known as the tree of love, originates from Brazil and Paraguay.

Philodendron plant is sent with the pot you choose. You can select the delivery date in the Cart section . Note section for the plants to be gifted is on the Basket page.

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